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EN-GROUP was formed by merging three different companies. TR-Electronic GmbH and its subsidiaries and UNIDOR TR-Systemtechnik GmbH Industrieelektronik GmbH. Each company specializes in its own field.

TR-Electronic GmbH is the world of automation for over 20 years, has an important place, especially in terms of digital development and production, and measurement technology. TR Electronic products with a wide range of absolute and incremental encoders, magnetostrictive displacement measuring systems as well as transformation tools, and laser range finder has a wide range in the field. In addition, TR-Electronic GmbH, we proposed a complete system solution drive technology, electrical compact drives and closed-loop controller for hydraulic axes can.

TR-Systemteknik GmbH in 1992, was an expert system technology. However, the fieldbus I / Os and are specialists in the field of industrial PCs, TR-Systemtechnic programmable logic controller (PLC) as well as single and multiple axis offers you.

UNIDOR experience Industrieelektronik GmbH in 1996, stamping, pressing and metal forming industry, has expertise. Single and multiple light barriers are miniature expertise in this field, eddy current sensors, developed in the field of acoustic emission sensors and piezoelectric sensors. In addition, transaction control, input and output data evaluation monitor, control, and audio tool parameters and concentrated in all production methods.

Each company has a quality and greatness. Some of the Group’s share of the biggest advantages Tr, with the idea of exchanging information and working together on cross-company projects and new product development to take advantage of working methods is recommended.